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Dedicated server backup


Airnet dedicated servers provide the ability to create and store backups (backups). The backup service allows you to increase the reliability of the infrastructure, protect yourself from irretrievable data loss.

The following solutions are available for creating and storing backups:

  • Veeam agent - backup is performed by the Veeam agent running on the server. Data can be uploaded to the Veeam® Cloud Connect cloud repository, or to a separate server disk;
  • automatic backup to Object Storage - backups are created using software that supports FTP, OpenStack Swift or Amazon S3 compatible API. The software regularly archives and transfers data to the Airnet object storage;
  • backup to Airnet File Storage (SFS) — SFS connects via NFS or CIFS protocols to one or more instances (servers or virtual machines) that can work with it simultaneously. Uses three-time replication of disk volumes, which ensures high data safety. This solution is not available for Chipcore Line servers.

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