Who can become a reseller?

Only partners aimed at mass resale are allowed to participate in the program. Mandatory the conditions are the presence of a website and the sale of at least 10 servers in the first six months.

Website hosting provider

The site must be ready to host offers for our virtual servers. This may be an active site of a hosting company that already has experience in hosting services and a client base.

Web studio website

In addition to site creation services, the studio must offer its clients additional services for their placement.

How it works?

  1. Receive an application

    Clients request a server directly from you
  2. Buy from us

    Purchase a server from us with a discount of 15 to 30%
  3. Sell to a customer

    You sell the purchased server to your client at a premium
  4. Profit!

    Discount + margin = your profit that you get immediately after the first order

Our partners