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Whois - Check Domain for Busy

Whois service allows you to get information about domain registration.

Translated from English «who is» - «who is it.» The service will show who is the administrator and domain registrar, will issue information about the registration period and the age of the domain name. With Whois you can find out the contacts of the administrator of the domain you are interested in, as well as find free domains, which can be registered through our company.

The company "AIRNET" is the official domain registrar in UZ zone

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Before registration, please read the Regulations on the procedure for registration and use of domain names in the "UZ" domain


How the Whois service works

Most often, the Whois service is used to check the availability of a domain. It can be done easy, fast and absolutely free.

Go to page Domain registration, enter the name of interest in the search bar and click the "Register" button. Search for information usually takes a matter of seconds.

If the system does not find information about this domain, then this name is free, and most likely you you can register it. Next to the message "Domain is free" you will see the cost of its registration for one year. To purchase, click the "Add to Cart" button.

If the service displays the message "Domain busy", then by clicking on the "Whois" button, you can view detailed information about the domain.

Whois - Check Domain for Busy

What information can be obtained using Whois

After checking a domain that has already been registered, the Whois service displays the following information:

  • The "nserver" fields will show information about DNS servers. This allows you to find out which hosting provider, the domain owner hosted his site, because, as a rule, in these lines hoster entries are displayed.
  • In the "state" field you will see the current status of the domain.
  • If the domain was registered to an individual, the Whois service will show in the line "person" data about the administrator, however, in a number of domain zones they can be hidden. In this case, instead of owner name in the line "person" you will see the entry "Private Person".
  • If the domain is owned by a legal entity, instead of the entry "person" you will see the line "org", where information about that organization will be displayed.
  • The "registrar" field shows the name of the registrar company in which this domain was registered.
  • In the "admin-contact" line, the service displays the contacts of the domain administrator.
  • The "created" field contains information about the date of registration of the domain name. By finding out the age of the domain, you can identify fraudulent websites. It makes sense to check the site if you were sent an e-mail with any suspicious link, or in case you went to a suspicious link web resource. A site created recently may well turn out to be a fraudulent resource.
  • The "paid-till" field shows when the domain registration expires.
  • From the "free-date" line you will know when this address will be free if the owner does not become it prolong.
  • The "last updated" field displays the date the domain was last updated.

The set of information provided by the service may differ slightly depending on the domain zone and registrar.

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Отличный хостинг, очень быстрая скорость работы. Поддержка и специалисты отвечают быстро и помогают в решении возникших проблем в кратчайшие сроки. Цена на тариф приятная


Я пользуюсь хостингом AIRNET 2 года и очень доволен. У них отличный VPS, работает быстро и стабильно. Не было никаких перебоев, за это я их ценю. Техническая поддержка клиентов всегда готова помочь, она работает 24/7, Всем рекомендую!


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Мне нравится этот хостинг. Ну и самое главное стабильная работа хостинга, даже при высоких нагрузках.


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