Auto backup

About service

Automatic backups will allow you not to worry that you forgot or did not have time to make a backup.

In the event of a hack, accidental deletion, or failed update, you'll have a fresh copy at hand for quick data recovery.

How to connect backups?

Advantages of Autobackups

Independent Servers

Copies are stored on a separate VDS: you can recover information even if your server goes down.

Update frequency

Full backups are created weekly, and differential backups are created daily. In case of force majeure, fights are restored for any day of the last 5 weeks.

Notify Errors

The system will check the correct operation of the backup daily. If something goes wrong, you will receive a notification.

Background download

Copying takes place in the background and does not require stopping the server or shutting down the site.

Backup service
Number of copies
Disk capacity
+100 000 sum

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