Administration and more services

If you do not have your own system administrator, order an administration package and Entrust the execution of work on the server to our specialists.

If you are sure that the problem is in our area of responsibility, write to or call support.

from 1 000 000sum

Admin Pack

The package includes solving 5 tasks related to server administration.
Only for FirstVDS servers with ISPmanager control panel.

Tasks included in the package

  • Updating PHP and MySQL
  • Transferring a site from another VDS or hosting
  • Installing and updating ISPmanager
  • Backup setup
  • Initial installation of popular CMS
  • Restoring sites from a downloaded copy
  • Reset root password for server and MySQL
  • Changing resources on servers with VMware
  • Installing an SSL Certificate
  • Search for the reasons for the inoperability of sites

5 hits

included in the package

250 000 soum/piece

additional cost appeals
from 1 000 000sum
Order a package

Work beyond the package

Services for 250 000 sum:

  • Installing an SVN server with HTTP access
  • Installing an OS from an ISO Template on VMware Virtualization
  • Installing OpenVPN

Services for 100 000 sum:

  • Transferring IP from one VDS to another
  • Reinstalling VDS with saving data
Other works

Performed only after agreement with support and paid by the hour.

We reserve the right to refuse to perform such works as:

  • server administration without panel;
  • administering Windows servers;
  • works not included in regulations.
We do not perform
  • Finding and fixing errors in client scripts;
  • search and correction of errors in SQL queries, as well as their optimization;
  • learning the basics of working with Linux, FreeBSD, Windows;
  • configuring game servers, proxies and other specific software.

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