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Recommendations for choosing a domain name

  • The choice of a domain zone helps to properly direct the client.
  • When creating a personal page, it is recommended to choose a domain name, associated with the name of the person to whom the site will be dedicated.
  • In the case of creating a site for an organization, the domain name may contain the name of the organization, or the scope of the company. In addition to this, effective there will be the use of keywords and terms specific to the business.
  • When choosing a domain name, keep in mind that a short a domain name is much easier to remember, and a website with a memorable name will be easier to find in search engines.
  • In case of transliteration of the name, if a dispute arises in writing, you can register multiple domains and set them up so that one site opens for all names.
  • It is recommended to register domain names with the least number of characters, while avoiding a lot of hyphens.

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