VKontakte launched an Instagram profile | Hosting TAS-IX in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

VKontakte launched an Instagram profile


Previously, VKontakte actively fought against Instagram - it turned off links to service and tried to create a competitor.

The social network "VKontakte", launched in 2006, launched its profile in Instagram. This was noticed in VC.ru. The first photo in it published December 21, 2018 - it depicts the Singer House, where the headquarters of VKontakte is located.

Representatives of VKontakte confirmed that this is an official profile, but did not begin to explain in detail why the company needed it.

"VKontakte" used to fight with Instagram - in August 2015, the social network disabled links to the photo service on the pages of users and in personal messages amid the launch of the Snapster photo app.

In April 2016, the links were turned back on - VKontakte explained that it was caused not by caring about Snapster, but by fighting people and organizations that were engaged in the resale of traffic. Snapster closed in September 2017.

In Uzbekistan, problems with access to VKontakte have been observed since October, when YouTube started intermittently.

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