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Deputies began discussing the draft law «On Personal Data»


Now personal data in Uzbekistan is poorly protected, but soon it will will change.

On December 25, 2018, a regular meeting of the Legislative chambers of the Oliy Majlis. In it, the deputies considered a number of bills, aimed at legal support of the reforms carried out in social, economic, judicial and legal spheres of the country, reports chamber press office.

One of the projects was the law “On Personal Data”, which was developed back in May.

The document clearly defined concepts such as "personal data", "operator of the personal data base", as well as collection, storage, processing and destruction of personal data.

The deputies noted that the bill will provide citizens with the opportunity control of their personal data.

“At the same time, it will simplify access to them and, as a result, simplify procedures for the international transfer of personal data, guaranteeing protection of personal data of citizens, regardless of where they are processed," the statement said.

This is expected to help prevent possible violations, that may cause harm to citizens, in terms of the inviolability of the rights to privacy.

The draft noted that personal data can be used only for the previously stated purposes of their collection, provided that the necessary level of their security is provided. According to the document, if the purpose of data processing changes, the people whose personal information used, must consent to this.

Without the consent of the person, any use of his personal information is prohibited. data. Exception - cases where data processing is carried out law enforcement agencies in a criminal case, with countering the legalization of proceeds from crime activities, as well as if the data is in the public domain.

True, the developers then referred to the law of Kazakhstan "On informatization”, which, moreover, has lost its force. Also remained unclear how the processing would be regulated Internet resources of personal information of users.

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