UzCard cards can now be replenished in cash | Hosting TAS-IX in Tashkent, Uzbekistan

UzCard cards can now be replenished in cash


The company announced that it had launched the cash-in function in ATMs. Bye this function is supported by ATMs of five banks.

UzCard cards can now be replenished in cash, the United nationwide processing center.

“From now on, cardholders will not have to go to their servicing bank, in order to replenish your card with cash, because we present ATMs with the cash-in function,” reads the message.

Previously, ATMs could only withdraw cash from the card. (cash-out), but now, using NCR SelfServ 6632 ATMs, you can do both, as well as convert cash foreign currency in soums.

UzCard notes that the exchange rate is set by the bank, serving ATM, no commission is charged from the cardholder.

Banks whose ATMs support the cash in function:

  • Agrobank
  • People's Bank
  • Ravnaq Bank
  • KDB
  • Hi-tech bank

About the fact that ATMs will appear in Uzbekistan, through which it will be possible to cash top up the account on the card, Spot wrote back in March. To UzCard then it was noted that this was due to the growing need for such a service.

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