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What did the problems with Facebook and YouTube lead to


At the beginning of 2018, the year of innovation, all players in the sphere online commerce was very optimistic, we expected that there will be a large number of investors in the market. We assumed that in connection with the promised increase in Internet speed will be actively develop the digital sphere, and we will be able to realize all our potential.

For example, we at LeBazar made a big bet on Facebook and YouTube. After blocking, we lost contact with a large part of our audience.

The lack of contact with the so-called digital enthusiasts - opinion leaders who are not afraid to try new products. We received powerful feedback from them, they suggested us, in which direction we should move, pointed to some shortcomings - we really appreciate it. These people "live" in Facebook.

After problems with access to this resource began, users took time to get used to using VPN, and even now we cannot say that we were able to completely to establish contact with this category of our audience.

As a result, digital marketing spending is on the rise. local online content providers as people started more often access them when you don't have access to YouTube and Facebook.

Perhaps this contributes to the development of local players, but the fact is that there is a huge amount of content that these services cannot provide. In addition, YouTube and Facebook are not only content, these are platforms for controlling our digital promotions: with the help of them tools we can track ad performance, reach, conversion, we see how much money we spent and on what. On local sites there is no targeting, no retargeting, nothing - there is only impressions without conversion.

Now, a few months after the start of blocking, some part of our Facebook audience is back with us, but we don't associate it with the fact that the service began to work better in Uzbekistan, and the fact that users have learned to use VPN.

Online business is certainly adapting and has already been able to adapt to situation, but the fact that our market has become very limited is nowhere won't go.

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