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Voice chats and other new features appeared in Telegram


Voice chats

In any group, you can now start a voice chat in parallel with regular correspondence - text and voice will organically complement each other friend in the same space.

Unlike regular calls, participants do not have to agree about time: voice chat is always open for them. He can serve a virtual office or a platform for informal conversations that will not leave a trace in the message history. In voice chats of large communities may make unexpected acquaintances.

In the group, you can immediately see which of the participants is currently speaking in the chat. If people are interesting, you can join to listen - how to talk colleagues in the next office.

Android users have a display mode on top of others applications. In this mode, you can control the microphone and see who speaks in chat even if the Telegram app is minimized.

You can start a voice chat from the group profile if you have permissions administrator. You must select "More" (... or ⋮) > "Voice chat".

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