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What is FTP?


FTP - File Transfer Protocol (“file transfer protocol”) is a standard protocol that designed to transfer files.

FTP client is a program that allows you to use FTP access to your account to its administration.

The FTP client is installed on the user's computer.

By default, basic FTP access is provided for each account on Airnet.uz hosting.

To connect to your account via FTP, you need to set up an FTP client.

The following options must be set in the FTP client:

  • Username - similar to the login for the control panel.
  • Password - same as the password for logging in to the Control Panel.
  • Server Name - You can specify the IP address that is reported in the account creation notification email. It can always be found in the "Domains" - "IP addresses" section of the account control panel.

Basic FTP access is used by the client to access all files on the account.

The Airnet.uz control panel provides the ability to create additional FTP accounts.

Additional FTP accounts are designed to provide limited access. For example, if several sites are hosted in one account and each site has a separate technical specialist, It is convenient to create and configure different FTP accounts. Thus, each specialist will be able to receive access only to the files of the site on which it works.

Login and password for an additional FTP account are specified when it is created.

When using FTP, you can transfer individual files, groups of files, or archives.

We recommend using archiving. Transferring a single archive is much faster than transferring a large number of small files.

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