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Service contracts


Service contracts

In accordance with Art. 370 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, AIRNET LLC provides its services on the basis of a public offer.

In this case, the contract is considered concluded when the client performs the actions specified in the offer (acceptance of the offer).


Please note that for the convenience of customers, from January 01, 2021, a single contract form for all services of AIRNET LLC came into force:

Virtual and powerful hosting
To rent a dedicated server

Conclusion of an agreement in writing

If you need to conclude a written service agreement, please send one completed copy from your side to the address: Tashkent, st. Sayram, 25

If you are in Tashkent, then you can come to our office to conclude an agreement . You must have a signed contract and a passport with you.

You can send the contract through the electronic document management system (EDM) - or

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