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Telegram has built-in polls


In the new messenger update, you no longer need to use third-party solutions to create a survey.

The Telegram team has introduced a special tool for creating polls. This was reported in the company's blog.

“The new built-in polls will be a welcome addition to groups with 100,000 members and channels with millions of subscribers,” according to the company.

To begin with, these will be anonymous surveys that can be forwarded to increase reach and stay in chats/channels for better visibility (and to notify all participants).

In addition, web search is back in Telegram for iOS to search for images when sending “Photos and video" or when selecting a profile picture:

In general, the iOS application has become even better in version 5.1.1. by fixing many minor bugs and bugs.

So, for example, clearing the cache in the "Settings" menu > "Data and storage" > "Storage usage" now correctly reduces the space occupied by the application.

Files and media will continue to download for a while after the app is closed. Also added online status of users in search results.

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